Crumb #102: I Can Be Me and You Can Be You.

Crumb #102: I can be me. You can be you: I know now that rejection is the greatest lesson that I will have to learn. Part of rejection is accepting who I am and the decisions I’ve made including the corners that I didn’t turn. Part of rejection is the lack of response to stimulus of outreach. When you reach out you run the risk of being ignored or turned upon. Neither of which allows my confidence and satisfaction with myself to settle in. So I have a choice. I can reach out and be rejected and feel badly about it. I can reach out and be rejected and not care or otherwise be okay with it, or I can keep to myself and not reach out at all. I need to figure out which approach to take. Feeling badly about rejection doesn’t help. Not reaching out when I want to hurts. So I’m left with reaching out because it’s what I want to do and accepting the silence from the other side as what others want to do. I guess that’s it. I can be me and you can be you.